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Frequently asked Questions

Will my Hashpower ever expire?

Your hashpower will never expire. All of our mining packages are lifetime.

How much can I deposit with you?

You can deposit upto 15 BTC with us, or as little as 0.0015 BTC. You can deposit BTC in our dashboard.

How long have you been mining Bitcoin?

As a team we have been mining Bitcoin since 2012, back when bitcoin was worth a small percentage of what it's worth now!

How can I open an account with you?

Opening an account with us is simple. Just click the Sign Up button at the top of the page and fill out our registration form.

Do you accept other payment methods?

We do not accept anything but Bitcoin for payments, as buying new mining hardware requires us to spend Bitcoin.

How often am i paid?

You are paid all the time, but you can make your first withdrawal after 24 hours.

How do I get Bitcoin?

You can find a guide how to buy bitcoin here:

Can I use this on my mobile?

Yes you can use Space Mining on your mobile device, we want you to have control of your mining at all points of the day, be it on the bus or at home in bed, you can use any device that can access the internet!

Do you charge a fee for deposits or withdrawals?

No! Unlike our competition we do not charge you for your deposits or withdrawals!